Barnett bcx buck commander extreme crt crossbow

Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT

What’s in the Box?
The Barnett BCX crossbow
Instruction manual and warranty card (5 years warranty)
Scope (3 x 32mm multi-reticle scope)
Three (3) arrows
Rope cocking device* (although some have claimed that it is not include, if it isn’t, kindly contact the seller again or go to Barnett directly.)
Instructional video in DVD

Speed: 365 feet per second
pass-through foregrip and finger guards
185 lbs draw weight
Axle to axle: 19.875 inches
Climate-controlled storage* (wax the string after every 10 shots is recommended)

Simplicity reigns supreme with the Barnett BCXtreme crossbow, a speed demon in the streets or rather woods, the BCXtreme is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hunting, this high octane crossbow for hunting is perfect for anyone who has a passion for hunting.
Powerful and durable, this crossbow definitely stood up to the challenge as it can take down even the largest of animals (well, almost).
Although simple in construction, the BCXtreme may take you some time to assemble it, you may need to ask help from a fellow hunter or drop Barnett a call and have your crossbow shipped to them although they won’t cover the shipping costs.
Over time, you will master assembling this crossbow.

Power and Accuracy
The barnett buck commander extreme is considered to be Barnett’s best creation to date, with speed at a numbing 365 FPS together with 126 lbs of pure kinetic energy, the BCXtreme can drive an arrow halfway through your target.
The BCXtreme is also surprisingly accurate especially with the help of the scope.

You won’t be disappointed once you take the BCXtreme with you to the woods, regardless of what game you will be hunting, this crossbow is sure to take it down.
Weighing at 7.1 lbs,this crossbow is light and easy enough to bring with you anywhere without worrying about dragging it along because of its weight, the weight of this crossbow is evenly distributed so it will be easy for you to bring it along especially in areas heavy with foliage.
The Barnett BCXtreme is not an easy crossbow to cock hence you have to use a rope cocking device with it so it will be easier to do; Barnett also offers a hand crank device to make the job easier, making it easier for hunters who have shoulder or back problems.

The BCXtreme comes with three 20-inch arrows at 400 grains each, and are of very good quality, however, broadheads are not included in the package so you have to buy or order them by yourself. Any 20-inch arrows can be used for the BCXtreme and they should weigh at least 400 grains, some reviews have stated that an arrow’s velocity didn’t decrease when 425 grain (and perhaps higher) arrows were shot using the BCXtreme.
Like all of their crossbows, Barnett designed the BCXtreme with safety as their number one priority, the Carbon Riser Technology equipped in this crossbow removes at least 43% of the total weight of the riser thus minimising the strain that it puts on your shoulders and making it more steady and stable.